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This was fun to listen to! I like the drums you used. Pretty simple synths and mixing here, which makes for a very unique sound. Reminds me of some of the older stuff I made before I learned more about production.

Thanks for remixing my song! I definitely enjoyed listening to this.

JKHP responds:

OMG YOU ACTUALLY LISTENED TO THIS TRASH! THANKS FOR THE REVIEW! REALLY APPRECIATE IT! this was made a year ago, when i was at 11th grade, a gd level inspired me to remake your song

One of the best on here! Great person too. Glad you're still making music, Trois!

Troisnyx responds:

I don't plan on stopping. Thanks for the high praise!

I dig it! Pretty simple but the dynamics are good and the instrument sounds very real. Good work!

This is an excellent song so far! I'd like to hear this when it's finished.

ScottJacob responds:

Thanks! This means a lot :)

Thank you for this! I always love hearing remixes of my work, and you did a very good job with this one.

SirHadoken responds:

Thank you! I'm really glad that you, and you especially, like how it turned out, and that you even found this in general. I've adored Perseverance for a genuinely long while, and I'm more than enlightened to know that I haven't done a disservice, to you and to the community in general, in putting a little spin on it. :D
Mad respect to you for the unmatchable craftsmanship with which you made the original, timeless piece that shall never be forgotten or lost. :)

Interesting song! Definitely unique, in comparison to what I see most often on this site.

I look forward to seeing how you progress as a creator!

Corroid responds:

Thanks ;)

Not bad! I kinda dig it.

Only thing I'll really critique here is the mixing. A lot of the synths are pretty harsh, and there's a bit of clipping going on, probably because some of your stuff is too loud.

Other than that, I like the idea. Keep making music!

DjThiscom responds:

I know, I know. :D THX! :*

I like it! Very simple, could use a bit more clarity in the mix as everything kinda mixes together, but for an ambient track, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you changed anything about this track, the only thing I'd suggest is mixing at least one synth, probably whatever your lead was in this, more clearly. By that, all I mean is making it less of an "ambient" sound, and having it come a bit into the foreground, but only slightly so that this can remain an ambient track.

Overall, great job!

5TanLey responds:

this was supposed to be kinda "wall of deep sound" track so I didn't even try to mix it clearly in the first place.. but everybody has a little different taste, right, thx for the review! :)

Thank you! I always love hearing remixes and covers of my music. I can't wait to hear more original music from you as you continue to learn about music creation.

AlphaStorm73 responds:


Funky, glitchy track! Only thing I'd personally change would be the bass, as I'd have it punch a bit harder at certain points, but that's just my preference. This is very well mixed too. That's something I've struggled with a lot. Great track

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