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I'm really honored to be involved in this in some way. This animation was great, and the ending was really interesting. I'm glad to have been a part of a creepy moment with my song, since that's what I had intended it for originally. Thanks for using it, and great stuff!

MihaP responds:

Thanks man! Your song was amazing and it fitted well in my anination:)

Very good animation! The premise is fairly interesting. I'm giving it 4 stars because it is produced very well, but the story itself was pretty simple. Great job though!

Soupcat responds:


Not bad! It was pretty strange story-wise haha but definitely good, especially as far as the animation goes. The premise, though odd, was mildly entertaining too. Good work!

CyanSandwich responds:

I can never tell whether or not the thing I just made was a piece of senseless rubbish. Reviews like this are always reassuring.

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Not bad!

I wish I had seen the post on the forums lol. Regardless, you got some good people for this.

BanglaBoy96 responds:


Nice job, guys!

I'm excited to see this! I've been watching you guys' stuff for a while and this was an awesome surprise.

Excellent in many ways

This is certainly not a bad flash game, but it's not quite "good" yet.

First off, I'd suggest either adding more lives or implementing a continue function. The levels are mildly challenging and it gets annoying to have to start all over after only having two lives.

Second, the game is not incredibly original, though I haven't beaten it yet (I did try a few times and I suppose I'll try until I do beat it). I think you could come up with some interesting addition to this game that would make this game a lot more interesting.

Overall, though, I think it's a good game. I would work a bit longer on graphics for the next one, though, and I would also, as I said before, implement something awesome gameplay-wise that would make this more than just a simple platformer.

Nice job!

BobSpeekFlash responds:

thanks! about "continue", I wanted to make a game in the style of mario difficulty.
true that in some areas you have to lose lives, but it was not my intention

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Thank you for this! I always love hearing remixes of my work, and you did a very good job with this one.

SirHadoken responds:

Thank you! I'm really glad that you, and you especially, like how it turned out, and that you even found this in general. I've adored Perseverance for a genuinely long while, and I'm more than enlightened to know that I haven't done a disservice, to you and to the community in general, in putting a little spin on it. :D
Mad respect to you for the unmatchable craftsmanship with which you made the original, timeless piece that shall never be forgotten or lost. :)

Interesting song! Definitely unique, in comparison to what I see most often on this site.

I look forward to seeing how you progress as a creator!

Corroid responds:

Thanks ;)

Not bad! I kinda dig it.

Only thing I'll really critique here is the mixing. A lot of the synths are pretty harsh, and there's a bit of clipping going on, probably because some of your stuff is too loud.

Other than that, I like the idea. Keep making music!

DjThiscom responds:

I know, I know. :D THX! :*

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