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Not bad!

I wish I had seen the post on the forums lol. Regardless, you got some good people for this.

BanglaBoy96 responds:


Nice job, guys!

I'm excited to see this! I've been watching you guys' stuff for a while and this was an awesome surprise.

Excellent in many ways

This is certainly not a bad flash game, but it's not quite "good" yet.

First off, I'd suggest either adding more lives or implementing a continue function. The levels are mildly challenging and it gets annoying to have to start all over after only having two lives.

Second, the game is not incredibly original, though I haven't beaten it yet (I did try a few times and I suppose I'll try until I do beat it). I think you could come up with some interesting addition to this game that would make this game a lot more interesting.

Overall, though, I think it's a good game. I would work a bit longer on graphics for the next one, though, and I would also, as I said before, implement something awesome gameplay-wise that would make this more than just a simple platformer.

Nice job!

BobSpeekFlash responds:

thanks! about "continue", I wanted to make a game in the style of mario difficulty.
true that in some areas you have to lose lives, but it was not my intention

Rated as a first game

This is good for a test game, but in future games I suggest you try to mix the audio a bit better, maybe add sound effects, and most importantly try an original idea. This game has been done a lot before.

I'm not sure what the capabilities of "Game Factory 2" are, but I'm sure you can do better once you get more comfortable with it. If you can do platformers using that engine (or whatever you'd call it), try that. Those are easier to get creative with.

I'll be watching for more stuff from you to see how you progress!

7/10 - Graded on a large curve on the account that this is the first game you've made. If it hadn't been, I'd probably rate it 4 or 5/10.

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